Friday, March 6, 2015

Your Cloud is Now Safe

With the recent cloud storage issues that showed that public that your personal storage space is not so...personal, it's no surprise that tech companies have been looking for ways to ensure these features have more security. Companies like Ericsson and Cleversafe have finally been able to provide "next-generation data solutions," according to their latest innovations.
 According to  CleverSafe these solutions have the ability to provide next generation software that will finally allow a data storage service that companies can trust. Exhibitor Online News says the next-generation data center infrastructure solution provides telecom operators the ability to, "offer new cloud storage solutions, addressing security and governance concerns that, until now, have slowed the full adoption of cloud by the world’s largest enterprises."
These extensive measures to ensure that cloud security is the result of a fiasco that Apple, Inc. faced when many of its iCloud users accounts were compromised and attacked by hackers. This scandal not only affected everyday individuals who no trusted that their information was safe but also celebrities who faced much controversies due to sexually explicit photos being released. It's safe to say after these previous issues, many have been left with distrust in how and what they save to their cloud storage.
Ericsson and Cleversafe now offer the opportunity for trust in the cloud system to be  regained, and for companies to continue to use these services. While it's unsure if the companies can live up to their very secure data storage solutions, we know that their has been extensive research done to make sure that a issue similar to the Apple fiasco won't occur.

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