Sunday, March 8, 2015

Taking the Selfie to a Different Level

In the age of tablets, smart phones, Ipads you get trends that have to fit the upcoming technology. And with the advancements of mobile cameras, you got the rise of the selfie. If you don't know, the selfie is taken when an individual takes a picture of him or herself.

At the Mobile World Congress this past week, where selfie-takers were in abundance, a Swedish company unveiled a new technology that allows people to take selfies and print their selfies in 3-d.

Now according to one article,  this technology seems to excite experts more via potential than current usages. Or in other words, there are many possible future uses of immediate 3-d printing of pictures just taken.

There seem to be many question marks regarding this kind of technology. Like the article poses, how much more useful would a 3-d images be to people than what is present right now? How would having a 3-d printed model of your selfie be more useful than the current selfie?

But I got to thinking, being able to 3-d print, not just selfies, but any photos off your smart phone can have its positives.

I mean, just want to replicate/build an object. Copying a figure will have its benefits over copying a photo. Or maybe you want to advertise an object that is not mobile, instead of just showing photos, you can show an exact replica that can fit inside your pocket.

So while many might not see the potential of 3-d printing... just know, some companies depend solely on this technology.

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