Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge: the battery matters

The South Korean technology failed to achieve raise eyebrows because of the leaks, but gives consumers two new high-end mobile phones. Samsung tries to retrieve the path to leadership.
Samsung took the risk and try to put the highest bar than the competition - especially the iPhone - to bet on a mobile phone with a different concept. The Galaxy S6 Edge has a wider screen, which runs through the side edges of the smartphone, which promises to bring some more information to the user. But for those who do not like big adventures, the "traditional" Galaxy S6 presents itself as the equipment to be taken into account.
The processor is at the heart of the changes, using for the first time, the first processor Exynos Samsung 14nm, one octacore with 64-bit platform, which guarantees power and reduce energy consumption and thinner. 3 GB of RAM, a new LPDDR4 system memory and flash memory UFS 2.0 combine to make the fastest equipment, but the shared improvements also extend to the back camera of 16 megapixels with F1.9 lens, and the front of 8 MP. And there is the new simplified interface, color-coded, which aims to improve the level of access to the functions and applications.

But the really good news is the battery: Samsung assures that only 10 minutes for a load that can last for 4 hours. And a full charge takes half the time of that make an iPhone. In addition there is a clear focus on wireless charging, now that the technology is more mature.
Regarding prices according to  the Galaxy S6 costs around 800 USD for 32 GB, 900 USD for 64 GB anda 1000 USD for 128 GB. Yet he Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a price tag of around 950 USD for the 32 GB version. The 64 GB version will cost around 1050 USD and the 128 GB version will be around 1150 USD.

"These are the mostadvanced phones in the world, and look cool", defended JK Shin, CEO and president of Samsung Mobile, which ensures that the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are better than any product that the company has done so far.

According to New York Times blogger Molly Wood the Galaxy S6 accomplishes something important of Samsung: its a flagship phone that finally feeds like a flagship. 

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