Thursday, March 5, 2015

Privacy MWC15

One of the biggest overarching topics at the Mobile World Congress this year was privacy. The MWC led was a seminar entitled "Ensuring User-Centred Privacy in a Connected World." Several bloggers, businesses, reviewers, journalists and social media users have weighed in on this topic. Below I have a small sections of tweets that I have clipped simply using the privacy hashtag of #MWC15PRIV.
One of the words that kept re-occurring was "creepy." Countless articles and blogs dealt with this idea of "creepy." Personally, I think this article did a good job explaining some of the different privacy concerns brought up. 

One of the questions that I began to ask myself is with all this device connection where is the weakest point? Where is the privacy at the biggest risk of exposure. From my personal research not many articles discusses the points of technology associated with risk factor. However, apps that involve using personal information and credit cards have higher risks for attack. 

Several professional blogs like RCR wireless discussed their theories on how major companies will handle this increase in inter-connectivity. 

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