Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Make it Personal, with HTC One M9

With only differences in the processing power and the Phone’s camera, HTC One M9 is set to appear by March 15. HTC announced the much awaited news at the MWC 2015 in Barcelona, Spain

Valentina Palladino, staff explored the unique specs as to how the M9 comes with an upgraded Snapdragon 810 processor and the rear camera having a 20-megapixel lens that’s covered in scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The front-facing camera is now UltraPixel quality and supports HD video recording. HTC has also updated its Sense UI to Sense 7, Sense 7 gets even more personal by letting you create your own themes.

Vlad Savov on the described the HTC One M9 as the big MWC debutant other than Samsung Galaxy S6. Claude Zellweger, the HTC Industrial design Chief said that, HTC is willing to make that sacrifice to accomodate a larger and more powerful camera, the central positioning of the camera in claiming that our bump is minimal and it's elegant,"integrating with the overall design instead of disrupting it. 

The new features are like the phone is slightly smaller, easier to hold and dolby boom sound for the audio lifting, says Alex Dobie, on

According to New York Times blogger Molly wood, the new HTC One looks to be just as cool, different and lovable as its predecessors, but HTC needs more than a cult hit right now. It needs a blockbuster.

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