Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inspect Your Gadgets

From the Huawei Watch, which will link to your Android device to receive calendar notifications, emails and even texts, according to CNN, to the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy S6 that many think may rival the iPhone's popularity, there is no shortage of new toys to add to your next birthday wish list. A trend emerging from this year's conference is wearable technology. This is no surprise, considering how society increasingly moves towards quicker, faster and smaller technology that they can take with them and use in the hustle and bustle of their day. Another hot ticket item, Pebble Time, was funded through Kickstarter, which demonstrates just how influential the public's voice is when it comes to what technology they crave.

Blogger Maddie Cook of AirWatch Connect highlighted Samsung and Android's increased presence at the gathering, noting that it looks like the company is poised to become a leader in the mobile technology industry.

It looks like consumers are getting what they want from technology companies, as simple devices like watches and phones continue to grow in capability and allow people to do more than ever while on the move.

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