Tuesday, March 3, 2015

HTC Explores Wearable Fitness Tracker

Fitbit isn’t the only company breaking onto the wearable devices scene. HTC announced it’s been dabbling in a few new and trendy technologies including virtual reality and wearable technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday.
According to New York Times blogger Molly Wood, the wristlet, called the HTC Grip, blossomed from a partnership with Under Armour to help develop various fitness devices for Under Armour’s UA Record fitness app.

Although this wearable has many smart watch functions that give the user access to phone, messages, email and their calendar, according to the Sydney Morning Herald reporter Hannah Francis, HTC is marketing this solely as a fitness device.

The Grip provides a multi-sport mode that gives the user the ability to track different activities such as cycling or running. “Grip will train you as if you have a team of professional experts coaching you the entire time,” HTC CEO Peter Chou said.

HTC is marketing the Grip for “serious athletes,” but one reviewer, Darren Orf of GIZMODO, argues that it might get in the way of a servious workout. "But the thing is if you are a "serious athlete" and you're running, jumping, skiing, cycling, snowshoeing, whatever, this thing will probably be banging around your arm, which is a big wearable pet peeve," Orf said. 

The Grip also includes the ability to track sleeping patterns, but Orf continues, "I'd imagine sleeping with this thing would be pretty uncomfortable."

Although the Grip is one of the only bands to add in GPS, it lacks a heart rate monitor. The watch is said to make an appearance in stores in spring for $199.

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