Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chinese company reveals new smartwatch at Mobile World Congress

Ten thousand steps, that’s the goal; get ten thousand steps in one day. Fitbit, that’s the technology; a wearable computer that counts steps, calculates calories and tracks miles.

Fitbit has recently gained enormous popularity among the masses, but although Fitbit may be the wearable technology that people are most familiar with, it was not the wearable technology that stole the show at this year’s Mobile World Congress – that honor goes to the Huawei Watch.

The Huawei Watch is an Android Wear smartwatch that, unlike other smartwatches, actually resembles a watch with its round face and stainless steal body. Watch designer Ben Norton said he hopes the resemblence to a traditional watch will attract more consumers than other, less traditional-looking smartwatches.

"I had this opportunity to start designing smartwatches, and had a vision shared by many of my colleagues to have a smartwatch that was very much like a traditional watch," Norton said in an interview with The Verge. "We just believe that the consumer wants an actual watch that feels like a watch."

The reveal of the Huawei Watch came just a week before the reveal of the Apple smartwatch, which Tom's Hardware has called, "the most compelling accessory to an iPhone ever created". 

But the price of the Apple smartwatch is less compelling; the least expensive model will cost $349. The cheapest version of the Huawei Watch, on the other hand, is only $189. With a price tag like that, Apple may find itself competing to be at the forefront of the wearable technology industry.

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