Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Prideful Parade Sweeps Through Mizzou's Campus

From noon to 3 p.m. earlier today, a variety of students braved the unseasonably cold weather for late April to show their advocacy for the Mizzou LGBTQ community. Starting at the Brady Fountain next to the Arts & Science building on campus, the paraders marched through campus, carrying various handmade signs. The route followed Ninth Street, sneaked around the columns and Francis Quadrangle and then ended on Rollins Street.

An onslaught of supporters participated in the 3rd annual Pride Parade, put on by the LGBTQ Resource Center. They marched with rainbow flags, balloons and ribbons, proudly displaying their support, either for themselves, for a friend or for a loved one. Marchers also were dressed to the T with buttons, colored socks – even a rainbow umbrella. As they crisscrossed around campus they shouted their beliefs in many different chants such as “whoever we may be, we want equality” and “hey hey, ho ho, homophobia’s got to go.” Many who couldn’t make it to the parade reached out to the event and its participants on Twitter, giving compassionate encouragements or wishes that they could have been there to march with them.

The Pride Parade is one of many events that have recently taken place on campus, and it wrapped up a Pride Month filled with films, presentations, monologues, panels, lectures and even drag shows.

Fore more about this year’s events or information regarding the Mizzou LGBTQ community in general, visit

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