Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pride Parade Sparks Media Support

Photo: The parade ending in front of Tiger Plaza where the participants posed for pictures and continued their MIZ chants. 

At this years LGBTQ Pride Parade, students, organizations and locals alike rallied together to march around the MU campus. Led by the MU LGBTQ Resource Center the parade held strong through a dreary afternoon and cold weather. 
About a few dozen people actually participated in the parade, but many others showed an outpour of support via social media. Everything from tweets to instagrams were used to capture the event. Hashtags such as #mizzoupride and #onemizzou could be seen across twitter feeds all afternoon. Social media was even used to direct paraders in chants, as well as tell them all the info leading up to the parade itself. 

Photo: Instagram post of the participants

Photo: Tweet from the MSA twitter account about the event

Photo: Tweet of a posed picture after the parade

Photo: Free shirts were provided before the parade

Photo: A tweet by the MU LGBTQ Resource Center telling participants which chants to say.  

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