Monday, March 3, 2014

Mobile World Congress Wrap Up on Accessories

              The Mobile World Congress introduced quite a few new gadgets. Here is a look at a few of my favorite ones. 
                Firstly we have the Sound OG900 headphones from Samsung. They will set you back a whooping $275, but for quality sound presented fashionably I am not too surprised. These trendsetters will also match the new Galaxy Note 3. 

This next gadget is the Monster SuperStar Bluetooth speaker. Who knew such loud noises could come from such a small device? Music accessories are continuing to become smaller and smaller. Currently I still rock the now considered old fashioned iPod dock. Soon I will make the switch to the Bluetooth devices. 
As a runner this next gadget made me happy. Living in Texas I tend to wait until the sun goes down before I take off on my nightly run. I do not wear any safety wear, so this new ipod case would sure come in handy. This iPod arm band has flashing 
lights to make a runner more visible. 

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