Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The future of touchscreens

Image from: Mail Online
A breakthrough prototype tablet was displayed at the Fujistu booth at this years Mobile World Congress that redefines the touch screen. The new technology allows users to "feel" what they are touching on the screen. The prototype allows users to stroke an alligator and feel its skin or pluck the strings of a harp.

"It's one of those things that has to be touched to be believed," according to a reporter from a video posted by BBC News on Monday about the tablet.

The tablet uses ultrasonic vibrations to, in essence, trick the user into thinking they are feeling what is on the screen. Although other technology has attempted to recreate this concept, Fujistu says that this is the first ultrasound technology in the world to run on a smaller device like a tablet.

According to Hexus, the technology works like this: Ultrasonic vibrations create a high-pressure layer of air between the screen and your fingertip, which helps reduce the friction and creates what they call a floating effect. High and low friction are then combined and organized to create different sensations for different images.

Image from: Hexus
The predecessor to this technology, haptic tech, was released in 2012 and according to Engadget it never really caught on. But, so far Fujistu's tablet seems to be getting a lot of attention and generating plenty of interest because right now, it is unlike anything else on the market.

So, what exactly does this type of technology mean for the future of tablets? Well, Fujistu hopes to release the product commercially in 2015 according to Mail Online. Which, could up the ante for other companies in the tablet industry.
Image from: Re/code

This type of technology has the capability to change the way people interact with media not only while playing games, but while giving presentations and selling products as well. It seems to be that in the very near future not only will consumers be able to see their media in crystal clear HD, they will also be able to virtually touch it too.

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