Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shazam Tunes up its Features

Shazam, a music recognition app service that recently partnered with Warner Music Group, revealed a total redesign at the Mobile World Congress 2014. Phil Tottman said the redesigned app will make it the go to platform for TV shows and brands as well as music.

Tottman also said some of the additions include access to information about shows broadcast on more than 160 TV channels in the US including music from the show, cast and crew, plus Shazam will now deliver more engaging biographies and discographies, making it easier to learn about a new artist.
In a GagetGuy blog the Shazam CEO Rich Riley said, “The redesign we’re unveiling today is part of a fundamental evolution in our consumer experience. With these changes, Shazam is evolving to become a destination experience and content platform for artists, shows and brands.”
Daniel Danker, the chief product officer at Shazam, said the new app design is really good at showing you video, recommendations and lyrics.
"The secret behind all this is that it becomes a platform to bring more content from artists to fans and that artists are going to start participating in this experience."
In a USA Today article Mike Snider said one of the goals is to put an emphasis on artist engagement. Shazam plans to continue its increased involvement in TV programs.
Danker said Shazam already has more than 420 million users and it generates about 7 percent of all digital music sales in the world, but the redesign should make it easier for both artists and users. For users there will be easier access to previewing, buying and sharing music. For artists the new additions should help make it easier to enhance a stronger presence on Shazam.
GagetGuy says the latest version of the app will be rolled out to both of the major mobile operating systems, with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Shazam will be making its way to iOS first in the free and paid versions of the application, and Android will be updated in the next few weeks.

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