Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Headphones Not Worth the Price

As technology becomes more and more advanced as the years progress, so do the little accessories that we use to enhance our experience. This definitely holds true when it comes to headphones and their advancement within the world. We all have seen apple's advancement with each headphone as the iPhone and iPad have progressed over the years, but also with the Dr. Dre beats headphones shrinking from being giant circular headphones to ones that are a little more manageable to transport around.

Well, Samsung came up with a new type of headphone the Sound OG 900 which is to believed to be thought of by pebbles nonetheless. While the headphones are smaller in size than some headphones making it easy to carry around, CNET has come out and said that the price of these may not be worth the buck. The headphones will cost around $275 but CNET says that early tests of these headphones produce quality that isn't associated with the high price headphones. Finally, CNET explains that this headphone's volume keys are low on the cable which make it tough to know what a person is actually touching when trying to change the volume.

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