Monday, February 24, 2014

Music-Based Wearables Trend at MWC 2014

One of the biggest attractions I have noticed so far about the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is all of the new wearable technology. So, how does something as simple as music fit into the popular trend of wearable technology—music-based wearables. 

Alcatle OneTouch announced the “POP Fit,” which is the first wearable smartphone, according to blogger Aaron Richardson. It has a 2.8 inch display screen and weighs a mere 78 grams making it compact and tiny. 

"For music lovers the POP Fit comes with a unique Surround Sound System with JBL earphones bringing high quality sound from a tiny, tiny device," Richardson said. 

With the POP Fit, music can be streamed through apps such as SoundCloud and Spotify, while the Multitasks Music Player supports all major formats and allows synchronization. A Multitasks Music Player simply means the user can browse the Internet or do anything else while they are listening to music. The music player is another app that can be running in the background. 

Richardson said the POP Fit is designed to be used almost instantly, out of the box. One of the customizable features is the color of the phone; it comes in Red, Hot Pink, Slate, Fresh Turquoise and Flash Yellow. He said the device comes with a strap, case, and sensitive keys. The POP Fit is expected to hit stores in May and will be around 89 Euros. 

On the first day of the MWC, there was still a lot of speculation surrounding music-based wearables. 

Rumor has it HTC is launching three new wearable devices, and one of them is supposed to be an electronic bracelet that plays music. Shane McGlaun, a technology reviewer, said according to Bloomberg HTC has been struggling to compete on the smartphone market as Samsung and Apple command majority of the market for smartphones and tablets. 

Samsung also generated some rumors surrounding its launch of music-related products. The NerdMag said Samsung is going to unveil a new music streaming service called "Milk Music." According to the blog, the app will allow people to stream music, access Internet radio, music broadcasting, and even video streaming and broadcasting. They claim the app is going to be a top competitor to Google Play Music. 

Sony is another big name company rumored to be launching music based devices. 

So, as consumers what new products do you think will be the most successful? 

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