Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Change the Game

After reexamining all of the major announcements from Mobile World Conference 2014, it is clear that their were no major game changing innovations that will make immediate impact to the gamer community. As far a home consoles like Microsoft's X-Box, Nintendo's Wii, or Sony's Playstation, their were no new releases, as they usually tend to market their product more near the holiday season. Thus, at MWC, mobile gaming seemed to be the only gamer avenue being explored.

If you look back at my previous blog, I highlighted this area by profiling the MADCATZ CTRLRi and the impact it will have on mobile devices. It'll add authentic gameplay and attract even the most loyal of console gamers to mobile devices. It will also promote action games on the mobile platform. What keeps this from having an immediate major impact though is how a device that is too large for a pocket will work being marketed towards a male demographic. If you just stop with that question, it would appear that this innovation will have a short shelf life. However, this is the beauty of the technology. No one version or first draft of anything is going to be it's last.

So, lets look at the positives of the product and just how it could affect any of it's hand-held competitors. For example, where Nintendo's GameBoy once held a monopoly on the mobile gaming market, the bigger named home gaming console companies like Sony bombarded the market with their PSP device's better graphics, gameplay and computer like features. This high end product, while at first big, got sleeker and more convenient to carry, making it the new top dog, making Nintendo's next generation hand-helds, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS obsolete. And with the same kind of marketing and improvements to the new console like controllers for smart phones, Will Goodboy of Business Blog says they could do the exact same thing to PSP.

If this does happen, Goodboy says the death of personal gaming could be nigh.
The SAMSUNG S CONSOLE is one of multiple
new console type controllers made for smart phones

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