Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Criticisms Day 1

Samsung came out firing at Day 1 of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They released many new products including a line for new smart watches. However, what I thought was most interesting was partnership Samsung is doing with its smartphones and Mozilla Firefox. While it seems simple, the purpose of this innovation is to make a cheap smartphone for the lower to middle class. It's not meant for some rich kid in Beverly Hills or a business woman in Europe. CNET came out and said that, while it does not support it for people who possess the ability to upgrade to the more conventional smartphone, the Firefox OS is a bargain for most of the working class.

Also, another criticism was the lack of gadgets that Microsoft laid out on day one. While there seem to be many plans in the works, such as Facebook Messenger finally coming to the Windows phone, Microsoft didn't wow the world like Samsung did with its new galaxy phone.

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