Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Banding the World Together

Smart watches are taking the world by storm in the Mobile World Congress that is currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain. Companies like Huawei, Samsung and Sony made advances to the technological world by introducing new-and-improved, high-powered Bluetooth watches. Since the very first one to be created in 1982, the public has grown increasingly interested in the smart watch market, especially starting with Microsoft, who launched Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) in 2004, and that popularity will keep on growing. According to Forbes, the market forecast will reach an estimated 15 million in 2014 and nearly 400 million by the year 2020. For the future, Apple hopes to produce the iWatch, although the exact release date is uncertain.

In this year’s Mobile World Congress, many companies added to the long list of smart watches that have graced the world, and they all seem to be catering to fitness buffs. A lot of what audiences have seen from this year’s mobile world fair is that these smart watches are for measuring steps, calories burned, miles run; there are even ones that measure sleep patterns and how deeply the wearer sleeps. And they do it all with Bluetooth, phone and music capabilities and countless of other features.

Here are some of the most interesting ones that have been introduced:

Rising Chinese company Huawei launched the wearable Talk Band B1 Smart watch. Decked out with a Bluetooth headset that allows you to receive and make calls without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket, this smart watch has a USB connector for charging, tracks activity time and progress, and has a battery life of six days. It will be sold for $136 (American dollars) or 99 euros. 

Samsung released the Tizen-powered Gear 2 Neo smart watch, a step abover the 2009 Samsun S9110 Watch Phone and other smart watches the campany has made in the past. Several of its features include dust and water resistance rating, more support for fitness functionality and the ability to listen to music that can be stored on the watch itself
through a Bluetooth headset.

Sony introduced the SmartBandSWR10 and Lifelog App, which will be available worldwide (60 countries, precisely) in March of this year. This one is unique in the sense that it doesn’t have a clock face, but it functions similarly to the others; only the fitness data that it collects is piped into the Lifelog app along with social content. It will also buzz to alert the wearer of a call or message and it will be paired over to Bluetooth.

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