Thursday, February 27, 2014

Airtag Offers Expedited Food Service Solution to Attendees at MWC

The frustration of waiting in long lines to get lunch or a table at a restaurant could be mitigated by one NFC app introduced at the Mobile World Congress this week.

Visitors at MWC got to trial the app designed by France-based supplier, Airtag, which synced with MWC's existing mobile app to reduce wait times at food venues in Fira de Barcelona and make ordering and picking up food more efficient.

According to NFC World, visitors got to choose the genre of food they wanted, and then selected specific food choices within that through the app. Using PayPal, attendees were able to pay for their food instantly, which decreased the time it took to pick up their food orders. Once their food was ready, the app notified them. When arriving to the food venue, the individual could check in via NFC or QR code and then an employee would give them their order.

This technology will be especially useful in determining wait times at restaurants and will allow people to order and pick up food in less time and without the unnecessary waiting around for your food to be ready.

This expedited food service capability is set to go live at the end of February.

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