Wednesday, February 26, 2014

According to Opera, Waiting for that video to load is a problem EVERYWHERE

We've already seen a variety of tablets with wider screens and better camera, phones with better service and battery life, and watches with cameras and calling abilities at the Mobile World Conference. One thing all the companies announcing a new phone or tablet made sure to make mention of the great quality and processor that would enhance the buyer's mobile video viewing experience.
In fact, I know most of what's been introduced and announced through a live stream video I watched on my mobile phone.
At the conference, mobile video and it's future was discussed. According to a tweet from Oglivy PR, the conference discussed mobile video usage will take up almost half of media data with a 66 percent increase.
So what's the problem?
According to a study by Opera, video stalling is still a problem..everywhere.
The study shows 40 to 70 percent of videos played in countries like Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, India, and the US experienced problems.
The study said the worst was in India with 70 percent of videos stalling. The US had 20 percent of videos stalling.
The problem was less prominent with videos being played on LTE and 3G networks with 18 percent in the US.
The study gathered the information with customer surveys in the 5 countries along with their data on mobile video networks and past bandwidth tests.

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