Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Hand-Held for your Hand-Held?

With Mobile World Congress 2014 underway in Barcelona, the world of technology is rapidly welcome droves of new innovations and ideas. From all the new advances in smart phones, wearable technology and portable music though, the gaming community sometimes falls by the wayside of media in attendance. One gaming tool that shouldn't be overlooked is the MadCatz CTRLR games controller.

Madcatz is certainly no stranger to gamers and is constantly updating their controllers for new avenues. The key to this latest innovation is the traditional hand held joystick that will now be possible for gamers to use on their hand held smart phones, particularly Androids. This makes for an authentic gamer feel, with two thumb sticks, a D-Pad media buttons and triggers on the shoulder, according to Engadget.com.

There's no question true gamers will appreciate regaining an authentic feel of a hand held controller for their smart phone games. The controller will be a great tool to use at home, but he only concern is who wants to lug around a controller every day for gaming on the go? The success of mobile games like Words With Friends or Fruit Ninja are great because they allow convenient gaming and no extra accessories. But with a device like the CTRLR, mobile versions of popular house hold console games could grow quickly.

It is hard to project just how this device will do in the market or how quickly a device too large for pocket transportation and generally geared towards a male demographic will be adopted. However, if packaged correctly, this device could catch steam with the avid gamer and ultimately spark the interest of even the casual gamer.

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