Friday, March 1, 2013

Wrapping up Bluetooth from the MWC

After covering Bluetooth and hands free devices at the Mobile World Congress over the last few days, I gathered that the market for Bluetooth devices has changed but the technology is still finding its way into all different areas of the technological world. From new devices such as the smart glasses revealed on day one, to the inhaler with built-in GPS and Bluetooth, the Bluetooth industry is still alive and well.

The market for hands free devices seems to be dwindling with everyone's focus on smartphones and tablets and what not. The main drive I saw for hands free devices was to connect to smartphones and give a different interface, such as with the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses. The new technology seems to be all about the smartphones with hands free devices developing to match that technology or give users some kind of alternative.

The devices that I found with Bluetooth don't seem to be groundbreaking or revolutionary in the technology industry, but it was interesting to see how many different ways people can use Bluetooth technology to connect to things. I thought the Bluetooth inhaler was crazy but very interesting the way it both measures the usage and can combine with other inhalers to compile data to see where they are used most and pick out places that people with asthma may have difficulty breathing. I never would've thought in a million years to put a GPS in an inhaler, but now that it's out there, it works. I guess that's a statement on the world of technology today. You don't know what you're missing in a product until you connect it to the internet.

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