Friday, March 1, 2013

UICC cards help Telefonica in its LTE pilot at the MWC

VALID, one of the top technology solutions in the world, helped Telefonica, the number one Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider, launch its LTE pilot at the Mobile World Congress using Release 8 UICC cards.

UICC cards, Universal Integrated Circuit Cards, have standardized slot cards that allow a subscriber to easily transfer over an entire wireless account from one phone to another.  One's address book and text messages will also carry over.

File:Sim card.png
(Photo Credit: Salim Fadhley)

PIN codes are used to protect the content of the card: one PIN for normal usage and another for specific functions.

Telefonica selected the UICC card due to these key components:
  • Authentification for IP networks
  • Authentification for different Radio Access Network
  • Stores critical information like location information or EPS security
  • Standardized ICE (In Case of Emergency) user information
    • blood types
    • allergies
  • Improved toolkit functionality
These cards have been made available for mobile operators worldwide and after its usage in the Mobile World Congress, more and more countires will begin to see its benefits.  

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