Friday, March 1, 2013

That's a Wrap: Mobile Commerce at the MWC

It was a busy week for all at the MWC in Barcelona, but in particular, the mobile commerce industry. Visa and MasterCard took centre stage, partnering with Foursquare and rolling out new forms of online payment. But the real work is yet to come for these titans of commerce; now that their new products have been introduced, ensuring that they can be safe, effective, and easy will be the key. If they can demonstrate to consumers that their new products are, these new technologies will take off.

I was surprised by how much Visa and MasterCard revealed about their plans. I was anticipating vagueness, with the understanding that the MasterPass, for example, was still in the works. Instead, we learned everything about it. Similarly, we learned all the details about Visa and Foursquare's new collaboration. I think of all the innovations in mobile commerce we saw this week, that one is the most interesting. Foursquare/Visa has the potential for greatness, or the potential to flop. It's in the hands of the marketing executives now...always a dicey proposition.

It's been a pleasure covering this year's MWC, especially from a distance. The distance gave me a unique perspective that I appreciated, and hopefully, so too did you, the reader.

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