Monday, March 4, 2013

Shazam: The Future of Mobile Advertising?

Shazam announced at the Mobile World Congress a revolutionary idea for advertising.  They are building a social TV business. Right now Shazam is primarily used for tagging music. When someone hears a song they can use the app to tag the song and find out more about it.
Now Shazam is teaming up with companies such as Fox to start tagging TV programs and large televised events.  Now when someone hears a song and tag it using Shazam they receive information from the marketers. For example once someone tags the song, Shazam releases second stream content related to the advertisers campaign. For example, tagging a song in the show can have behind the scene footage.
Advertisers are paying between $75k and $200k for a campaign that runs for a couple months. This new form of interactive advertising is called second- screen advertising. Shazam believes it will make them a multi billion dollar company. However, Shazam plans to remain ethical which means “ not enabling Coca- Cola to show its content when a Pepsi song is tagged.   I feel second- screen advertising is the future of advertising. I believe people will use TV advertising to catch attention of things and then use second screen advertising as the call to action. For example can you imagine seeing something you like on TV.  Your mobile phone describing it to you in detail while you watch and then allowing you to pay for it immediately. That is the future. 

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