Friday, March 1, 2013

Samsung Apps

Samsung had a lot of app discussion during the MWC the "S Pen" was one app that is being developed.
Here is the general idea of the S Pen app from the Mobile World Congress site:

Facilitating creativity in your app; S Pen SDKS Pen SDK provides the necessary functionality to take awesome advantage of the S Pen. By using the S Pen SDK, you can easily add S Pen functionality to contents in various categories ranging from drawings and memos, to business, education, and B2B applications. By using the rich features of the S Pen, which goes beyond just an input device and captures the touch of professionals, you can make your apps more useful and attractive. And UX scenarios in this session can help your contents become more valuable than ever.
I think tablet and smart phone apps like these will only continue to get bigger and better. I've seen smart phones and/or tablets where you can handwrite notes or anything with the pen and it shows up as a clean typeface. This allows efficiency and more time available for journalists. I think that is the most important feature about apps. They should make some kind of process more accessible and also more efficient.

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