Friday, March 1, 2013

Nokia's view of the upcoming app world

Once again, Nokia had a lot to say when it comes to apps when theat y presented at the Mobile World Congress. When they presented at the App Developer Conference they unveiled new apps to benefit the Windows phone. Now they had a presentation in which CEO Stephen Elop said that he wanted the next billion people to be able to access apps, even if they have just a feature phone. "They want the same experiences as everyone else and they want it without using a lot of data" Elop said. He wants Nokia phone to undertake this new opportunity. With 300 developers selling over one million apps, It is no wonder he would want to jump on the app expansion plan. In my opinion, this seems to be in their best interest because then they can open it up to everyone, generating even more money. This is obviously the end goal, but it brings to mind the risk of it. People obviously have just feature phones for a reason, because they don't want or need apps. They could be beating a dead horse by offering them to people that don't want it. Maybe if they have it available to them, they will of course buy apps. I just hope they did their market research, as I am sure they did. 
For More information on what he said about things like other phones Nokia is working on and a cool "standby time" feature go here.
CEO Stephen Elop leads the presentation for Nokia at the Mobile World Congress.

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