Friday, March 1, 2013

New Apps

Now that the Mobile World Congress is at an end, there is good opportunity to go back and look at the Apps that were presented throughout the week starting on Monday.

Nokia was among the first to present at the App Developer Conference at the Mobile World Congress on its first day on Monday. The ADC is a set of presentations by different companies who talk about their ideas and innovations in the app world, including panel discussions and free displays of different apps for people attending. It is a look into what lies ahead for the mobile app industry. 
Nokia held the stage first and brought forth many new features for their Windows 8 smart phone to benefit their already impressive phone. These include an app to enhance the experience of snow boarding called Burton. There is also an app call JobLens which creates a lens for users in which they can look into available jobs that are specifically in that lens, or in nearby buildings. Plus more general apps such as Tumblr and Foursquare have been added and enhanced on their phones. There is a Nokia Developer Plan that they put in motion which offers tools to build new and better apps. And good news for advertising interests as there is a "Nokia Ad Exchange" which is finding ways to incorporate ads better in apps. In my opinion, this is invaluable as this is the million dollar question isn't it? How to profit even more from this booming market. How do we get people to notice and pay attention to our ads instead of just bouncing on or worse, being annoyed and being driven away. It is good that Nokia has a specific group working on this. Nokia's presentation was just the start of all the exciting things to come. For More information, go here

Marco Argenti leads the Nokia presentation at the Mobile World Congress

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