Friday, March 1, 2013

Is your Cadillac the next best Smartphone?

If the 2013 MWC has taught us anything, it’s that your car might be added to your data plan in the very near future. General Motors announced in a keynote address that GM will be introducing 4G LTE to millions of the company’s vehicles as early as 2014. Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick will be the first brands to integrate this technology into their 2014 models.

We’re not surprised, right? Automakers and mobile developers have always worked together to minimize the use of smart phones while driving. GM’s plans, impressive and ambitious though they may seem, prove that consumers do demonstrate a need for a car that is just as connected as any smart phone.

The automaker paired with AT&T to bring consumers 4G wireless hotspots at a price that has yet to be determined. The best part? You can add grandma, Uncle Mike, the kids and your brand new Chevy Malibu to your data plan. Wait for the excitement to set in. The fast-paced innovation that is going on in the auto industry is something we should all be experiencing.

“Our vision is to bring the customer’s digital life into the car, and bring the car into the customer’s digital life,” GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky said at a press conference in Barcelona on Monday.

So if GM can now offer us unrivaled battery power – and horsepower! – the long term evolution of a connected car seems to be at the forefront of a consumer’s thinking.

Unfortunately, in the world of mobile and in-car technology advancement, luxury was the name of the game. Auto companies had yet to expand to entry-level vehicles, though the market is huge. GM is looking to change this by reaching middle-range cars for the masses. In a MarketNews report, Girsky called this a “democracy to mobile wireless.” Well put, Mr. Chairman. 

Look to GM for long term, built-in technology independent of your phone.

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