Friday, March 1, 2013

"I Know You" says your phone.

Everyone who has a smartphone has said the words "Damn autocorrect!" at least once in their life. But what they should be saying is "Damn keyboard!" because that usually is the root cause of why autocorrect gets it wrong. Little keyboard letters on smart phones make it especially difficult to key in even simple words. There have been many apps to help with typing, but it was at the Mobile World congress that some newer and better apps were unveiled to help with the typing on a smartphone problem.
One in particular is the SwiftKey and, as its name sounds, one can swiftly type with ease. This app is developed for Android phones and what it does is that it plugs into the different social networking sites the user may belong to, for example Facebook or Twitter, and literally learns from how you talk in those forums. When it learns and knows about you, it can predict accurately what you are going to say next. The longer you use it, the more accurate it becomes. Prediction technology is the new "it" thing in the world of typing apps. Phones want the competitive advantage have having the cutting edge on what makes it easier for the consumer, because that is all that matters. Others, like iKnowYou, also by Android, are using this technology to produce the best product that literally gets to know you, the consumer.
This app does bring to mind privacy issues that I can see, but really the people who would be buying it would know what they are getting into. I can already hear some paranoid person out there, droning on about how the computer is getting too smart and is now trying to understand us, until the ultimate "self awareness" and the machines take over (if only they knew about the even more advanced stuff that we don't know about yet). But nonetheless, there will be some sensible people out there who will absolutely embrace this technology for the innovativeness.
For more information, go here.
Also, for the video to see a demonstration of the SwiftKey, go here.

A screen shot from the SwiftKey video shows that this is the "keyboard that learns from you."

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