Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finding Things Made Easier

Lester and Perry's RFID tags have come to life and this year's Mobile World Congress convention. Well, a less advance version. Stick-N-Find Technologies uses Bluetooth Low Energy to create homing stickers to place on items easily lost. 

Since the Bluetooth Low Energy is a battery saver, it allows the homing sticker to be quite small and light. This way it sticks quite easily to car keys, a wallet, IPod, and other personal items. Stick-N-Find Technologies says the battery life for these is about two years.

Pending on the amount of appliances transmitting Wi-Fi signals, the signal of the homing sticker can be picked up as far as 300 feet away but a smaller range is to be expected. The only downsides are the price, two of these homing stickers are priced at $50, and the accessibility; few devices can pick up the homing stickers' signal.

The way this works: you stick the homing sticker on a possession easily lost (lets use car keys,) then you register that homing sticker with your bluetooth device (you can only use the two latest IPhones, the latest IPad or IPod, or the latest smart phone from Samsung.) Once you do this, you can track the homing sticker via your smart device.

Your phone won't be able to tell you exactly where the homing sticker is, but it can tell you how close you are. The downside is that this becomes a guessing game. You realize you're 15 feet away from you car keys' homing sticker, so you walk to the left and you're 17 feet away. Now you move back to the right.

One helpful feature is the "leash" feature. If you "leash" your bluetooth device with the homing sticker, the sticker will start to beep or the device will show alerts when these two items are too far apart. Hence breaking that leash. Basically, you will realize when you leave one of the devices behind.

So you can't type into your computer "car keys" and have them shine blue like Lester and Perry's invention in Makers, but this invention from Stick-N-Find Technologies is a helpful substitute.

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