Friday, March 1, 2013

Bluetooth expanding into everyday products

A video from at the Mobile World Congress detailed some of the ways that Bluetooth is making its way into different kinds of technology. It may be technology that you don't normally associate with being a Bluetooth device, but it's Bluetooth nonetheless.

One product being advertised was an asthma inhaler with Bluetooth built in to record the number of times it is used and when it is used. It also has a GPS which records where the inhaler is used and adds it to a map database showing where other inhalers are used. This can help users see where inhalers are used the most, which may indicate a problem spot for breathing and help them avoid that area. It seems that everything in this day and age has a Wifi connection or something like that, so now inhalers are no different. It's a smart idea, but whoever thought that inhalers need a GPS on them was doing some serious forward thinking.

Another product highlighted in the video was a housing case for a battery connected to a cell phone app via Bluetooth that allows the phone user to control if the battery gives out power. This can be useful for any number of battery powered products, and can also be a big saver on energy and money if you utilize the product to make your batteries last longer.

The final product showcased in the video was a bit more lighthearted. It was an app connected to a light bulb that allows the user to change the color of the light bulb. It doesn't serve much of a function besides being a cool toy to play with, but it was still an interesting use of Bluetooth to connect various objects together.

As the video shows, Bluetooth is finding more unorthodox ways to put their technology into different products. Connecting phones to batteries, light bulbs, and inhalers are things that don't seem to be necessary, but Bluetooth technology gives new, cool ways to use these products and give them some added variety and functionality.

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