Sunday, March 3, 2013

Applications at the MWC

The Mobile World Congress from the perspective of my topic, applications, seemed pretty expected. From Nokia's new applications to AT&T's focus on the developing side, there was nothing EXTREMELY groundbreaking. Each day, with a quick Google search based on this topic, there was never anything that jumped off the page as being revolutionary. The application environment has always been about entertainment of the consumer based on the rigid format of simple downloading-- always the same. And it shows that this has not and will not change, as is necessary and expected. What was introduced will satisfy the customer and make them happy and in the end, that is all that matters. Will these new applications have a huge impact? Probably not as much comparatively to the other big news and revolutionary tools introduced at the mobile world congress, but it will have an impact nonetheless. However, I cannot speak too soon. The application of predictive technology may have an impact on many people's lives but not on everyone's; there will be many who don't get the app. There are not as many snowboarders out there, nor are there as many Tumblr users as Facebook or Twitter-- However, these additions will make some people happy and that is, once again, all that matters. What is likely to come of the new technologies in the application world is that it will always use this technology to entertain. The ARO, though useful in creating the best product, the end line is always the entertainment factor. So I was not surprised and I don't really see any revolutionary changes coming along in the app world. Perhaps next year, I will be surprised. 

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