Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watches Big Trend at MWC

When you think Mobile World Congress does your mind tend to go to watches? Well, it should because it turns out watches are a huge trend this year! But we aren't talking just any watches. These are super sleek and perfect for any tech guru.

Introducing smart watches!

Sony's SmartWatch
This cool watch offers a 1.3 inch color touchscreen, weighs about 6 ounces and runs Android 2.1 So what does that mean? It means thanks to Bluetooth, you can use the watch to make (or refuse) calls, read texts and emails, and control music from an Android-compatible smartphone, according to Tech Hive. What's even better is the device only costs about $130! Not too bad!

i'm Watch
Just like the Sony SmartWatch and other smartwatches at MWC, the i'm Watch uses Bluetooth to allow users to deliver"deliver calls, text messages, emails, social network notifications, agendas and calendars, weather forecasts, news, stocks, music, and pictures (including Instagram feeds) directly to your wrist," according to Tech Hive. For more information visit the Tech Hive website.

Massimiliano Bertolini, chief executive of Italian firm i'm said that these watches are, ""The future in general is wearable devices."

Samsung and Apple are rumored to be jumping on this tech trend by creating their own watches, as well.

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