Monday, February 25, 2013

Technology overcoming the world's challenges

With the Mobile World Congress picking up speed, questions are raised about how technology can address the world's problems. 

Not too long ago, former President Bill Clinton spoke at the Samsung keynote. An ambassador for Samsung's 'Hope for Children' charity, Clinton glowed about how far America has come in technology, and warned about possibility America is falling behind. An example he cited was that the U.S. has slipped far behind the global leader, South Korea, when it comes to Internet download speeds. 

Yet, the main focus of Clinton's speech revolved around taking technology to the developing world. 

"The world has huge challenges, which I think technology can help to overcome." - Clinton 

An example Clinton gave was the work done in disaster zones by operators, such as Digicel, in the wake that followed the earthquake of Haiti several years ago. 

As we follow and report about the new technology emerging from the Mobile World Congress, we will be on the lookout for technology that can overcome the challenges of struggling countries. 

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