Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stay healthy with a Watch & a Phone

Kickstart plans to launch a wrist watch that can not only tell time but track ones heart rate. The Mia Alpha watch uses LED lights to get a more accurate measurement of heart rate. These LED lights shine green or red if you are under or over your desired heart rate.

This watch isn't meant for those looking to get in shape nor those needing a boost to get to the gym. This watch is meant for athletes who work out often and plan to put a lot of hours on this watch. The silicon wristband is meant for comfort and endurance. Its designed for long term usage.

One capability of this watch is its ability to connect to bluetooth. If you have a smart phone and download a workout app (Mymaprun,) you can connect the watch to bluetooth and transmit your heart rate averages to app as well as your other workouts and rates saved on the app.

Many college students and athletes could find serious use for this watch. Students who run and work out often could use this watch to assist their workouts. Athletes, particularly cross country, can use this watch to monitor their heart rate during long runs.

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