Monday, February 25, 2013

New Chinese Technology

New Chinese technology:mobile phones can help you take care of your baby

Looking after a baby is really a hard work.When everyone is sleeping, who can take care of your baby?At that moment , you need an intelligent "babysitter".

A Chinese company "Jia Hui" predicts that smartphone is becoming people's necessity for life."Jia Hui" is the exclusive agent of the new technology"Breath Optics TM".This year ,it brings out its "New Intelligent Baby Mat" which makes smartphone become an intelligent babysitter. Only if you download "Smart Baby Mat"App and buy the smart baby mat,you can receive baby's health information which is delivered from smart baby mat to your phone.

As we know, babies under one year old sleep for a long time and have no abilities to express.They can only cry to get attention from parents. Some unhealthy conditions can not be discovered. “Smart Baby Mat"acts as a babysitter, it can record baby's sleep and monitor baby's situation.

It has six main functions:   1.It can present baby's sleep condition and frequency of breath.


                                          2.It can notice parents when baby is not in bed.
                                          3.It will send warning when baby does not breathe.
                                          4.It can play music and stories.

                                          5.It can present temperature around.

                                          6.It can remind mother to nurse.

It is really a promising mobile technology! A new technology can survive and develop unless it can serve people and bring a lot of benefits and convenience.
I think this technology can also be applied to taking care of elderly people and patients,especially people who have sleep apnea, stroke or hypertension.


Here is the Chinese website link

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