Monday, February 25, 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013: Phablets are on the rise

The Mobile World Congress 2013 is almost upon us (running from February 25-28). Some of the most innovative technology will be featured and unveiled over the next few days. One rapidly growing category of device are Phablets.

Phablets are a cross between a phone and a tablet. The device is bigger than phones yet smaller than a tablet. The screens on these devices range from five to seven inches, just a little smaller than the length of a pen. These devices focus on web and media consumption rather than on the mobile phone feature.

Several of these devices have already been unveiled. One of the most widely publicized is the Samsung Galaxy Note. This phone sold more than 5 million units in just over two weeks after it was released. In all, Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) Research estimates that phablets will account from 18 percent of all the smartphone shipments in 2013.

Several phablets are expected to be unveiled over the next few days. Samsung is releasing its Galaxy Note 3, Sony has been linked to possibly unveiling a phablet, LG will unveil its Optimus G Pro and several others may pop up as well.

The next few days promise to be filled with excitement and innovation when it comes to phablets. Look for tomorrow's post as we discuss Samsung's Galaxy Note 3. 

Image courtesy of John Biehler via Flickr.

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