Monday, February 25, 2013

Jabra Releases Five New Headphones

The Mobile World Congress is well underway, with the unveiling of so many new tablets and phones happening every minute it seems! But one thing to not forget about during these exciting next few days is the number of new accessories to be released as well. Some accessories are more traditional, such as phone cases, while others are outside of the box.

Mashable describes audio gadgets as being popular this year, as it drew attention to the company Jabra who released five new headphones today, with each of them serving a slightly different function. 

The five types of headphones include Jabra Revo, Jabra Revo Wireless, Jabra Vox, Jabra Play, Jabra Tag. The most expensive model costs approximately $250.

Blogger Dusan Belic reviewed each of these new products on his blog. He writes that the Jabra Revo (and wireless model) are designed, "for hard-wearing, everyday use and portability, featuring a “new dimension of sound performance,” thanks to Jabra’s collaboration with Dolby Laboratories. As a result, mobile music lovers will be able to hear music 'as it should be heard' using Jabra’s Sound app."

Mashable describes the Jabra Vox in ear-earphones, and mentions that the product "feature[s] a unique magnet-equipped cord that prevents them from getting tangled inside your pocket."

Another blogger Stormy Beach reviews the Jabra Play and Jabra Tag on a blog called Android Spin and says the products will "excite some of you in the Android community." Beach describes the Jabra Play and Jabra Tag as being two similar devices that conveniently use Bluetooth. The Jabra Play will "hang it around your neck, clip it to your shirt or backpack or tuck it somewhere out-of-the-way till you need to talk." It weighs only 11 grams. 

On the other hand, the Jabra Tag, "is obviously designed a little different and is more aimed at a dog tag style device," according to Storm. It weighs a little more than the Jabra Play, coming in at 30 grams.

All models are expected to released by April at the latest for consumers to purchase on Amazon.

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