Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HP rises... again?

COLUMBIA - After attempting to compete with Apple's iPhone in July 2011 with the TouchPad, HP has announced at the Mobile World Congress that it will release a new tablet this year that may help it return from its ashes.

According to a 2011 Apple Insider  article, HP was the top seller of tablets that weren't Apple-produced. Tim Stevens wrote an online review on Engadget mentioning that the TouchPad was heavier than three of the leading tablets as well as costing a few pretty pennies.

On the other hand, the Slate 7 - the new HP tablet out on the market - has a few key differences:

1. Slate 7 will weigh about 13 ounces; the TouchPad weighed 1.65 pounds
2. Slate 7 will use the Android operating system; the TouchPad used WebOS interface
3. Slate 7 will have both front and rear-facing cameras; the TouchPad only had front-facing

And those are just a few. Usability for the Slate 7 is also predicted to be easier and offers more applications etc. to consumers. 

If you're on a college campus, carrying textbooks across campus can be quite a chore along with a heavy laptop. Limited checkout of campus laptops in different locations are helpful, but if you could have a personal, and much lighter, multi-tasking tablet at your disposal, that would be much more efficient.

Europe will have the first look at the new tablet, but it will be in a store near you soon enough!

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