Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fixed latency allows more Bluetooth opportunities

Problems relating to audio and video synced over Bluetooth due to an aptX coding algorithm may soon be fixed, according to page 16 of the Day 2 edition of the Mobile World Daily.

The Daily says that the algorithm, which was introduced to Bluetooth users three years ago, had seen some issues getting audio and sound to match up when played over devices connected via Bluetooth. The article says that problems have arisen in "living room consoles", or similar setups, where a TV maybe hooked up to a stereo surround system, as well as games on mobile devices. The Daily cites gamers as a constituency that may be concerned.

"It is only a matter of time before these smartphone gamers decide to use their Bluetooth headset to play a game while on the move, and disvcover the latency problem," according to the Daily. "The sound through the headset needs to be a synchronised representationof the image on the screen and of the user action."

These latency issues have been addressed in the newest version of aptX, which opens up more opportunities for Bluetooth technology with the improved performance. Manufacturers can now rely on Bluetooth devices having better audio performance, which will attract more customers. Bluetooth has been standard in many phones in the last few years, but with improved latency in the technology now, the use of Bluetooth in video and audio capabilities is enticing for developers going forward.

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