Monday, February 25, 2013

China Mobile Medical Comes True

  Business alliance formed by combination of open cooperation platform and government grants will become a catalyst for change of mobile medical rules of the game. "80 per cent Chinese doctors and medical seevice industry thinks,mobile technology is widely used in the medical field , represented as the general trend.".Raised by PWC Consulting Co., Ltd's new research report " China Mobile Medical: create a winning business model ".
  In recent years,China mobile medical uses mobile communication network to to strengthen medical and health care, covering the basic nursing, public health, emergency care, chronic disease management and self-help medical service,  greatly improving the efficiency of medical and health system, has been widely used worldwide, as well as a huge space for development.

  Since the health not only relates with the national health,but also be related to the national economy,
China has moved the medical into the full development of cross-border industry in a strategic level ,  changing the traditional medical industry development mode.
  Wireless rounds ( ward round of doctor) is undoubtedly the China's most influential mobile medical application. Mobile medical platform based on the intelligent mobile phone, mobile medical tablet computer, bar code, Wi-Fi, RFID and other information technology to assist clinical medical . Hospital installed with Wi-Fi, the doctor rounds handheld tablet computer,They can clearly see the basic information of patients on a tablet computer, including all tests, imaging examination after hospitalization, in order to better respond to patients' consulting. Besides,when it comes to patients'most concerned problems of expense, flat computer can accurately demonstrate the usage of each account.

  The mobile medical will also change the situation that people can only go to the professional medical institutions to get prescription or advice. Whether at home or on the road, people can listen to the doctor's advice at any time. Medical service, because of the mobile communication technology, will not only save time of waiting in line and taking traffic tools, but also may be more efficient to guide people to develop good habits, so as to reduce pain.

  The mobile medical use is not limited to medical, also useful for individual health monitoring.
  Health is a industry that information and processes are highly complex , medical workers is the center of the information flow. Mobile Internet makes information read available whenever and wherever possible, as a result, changing the medical workers' work. Intelligent mobile phone will play a role such as microscope, stethoscope. More and more medical workers use a variety of new technologies in the medical process, work in the " mobile ". More and more hospitals are equipped with hospital information system ( HIS ). Along with the HIS Pad version and the version of the mobile phone is more and more appear in the hospital, HIS will be more and more " mobile ".

  With the help of the mobile medical, medical workers can not only improve the efficiency of internal communication, but also promote the doctor-patient interaction, providing more convenient services for patients, even someone can not be serviced originally.


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