Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bango to help with carrier billing

Mozilla launched its first phones to be made using the new Firefox OS smartphone platform. Right now apps are purchased either using apple or android markets.

 The Firefox store is going to become a popular choice for mobile carriers because it allows things the others cant. Mozilla is teaming up with Bango to power mobile payments.

The app store will allow carriers to have more customization to the homepage. It will also allow mobile advertising. Carriers are interested because it means they can share the profit of the app and make things more localized. Carriers believe they can then bill people for virtual goods and directly make profit, unlike android and apple app stores that don't link to any specific carriers.

 I believe this will greatly help advertisers because people can buy things and it will be directly linked to their phone bill. It will require less hassle than having to enter in your credit card information separately. Phone carriers will be able to bring people in by offering certain apps that other carriers cannot provide much like apple does with its system.

Here is the full story

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