Monday, September 24, 2012

Roots N Blues Continues After Hours at Mojos

The Roots N Blues after-party featuring the popular and recently reunited Columbia band Believers and the Midwest band Richard the Lionhearted drew a large, mixed crowd of blues and Believers fans.

When the music started at 10:30 a small crowd began to grow near the stage. By 11:30 there was a small mosh pit up front with tamer fans behind.

"The music was great," MU senior Felicia Greiff said. She added that she had seen what she believed to be the Believers final show last semester, and was really pleased to see that they were back in the line up for Roots N Blues.

Although Greiff couldn't get tickets to the festival itself, she enjoyed the after-parties at Mojos.

"Columbia has a great music scene and festivals like Roots N Blues bring some great bands to town," Greiff said.

Photo: Greiff is pictured below with fellow MU senior Ashley Fowler.

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