Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Doesn't Take Long

After 2 minutes the entire structure was burning

Huge Turnout

200 plus students and faculty in attendance today
The room burning has begun. 'Think about time' You don't have much once the fire starts -Schuyler Weinberg

Burn baby burn

I hear the fire alarm, but see no flames.
Introduction has started. About 500 students in attendance.

Opening comments

Speaker starting and thanking sponsors

Speaker's circle is packed. The fire presentation should be starting any minute.
There's a temporary hut here. At 11:50, the Fire Department will burn it down.

Columbia Fire Department at the scene for the annual Fire Factor demonstration at Mizzou.

Fire fire fire

A dorm room is about to be ablaze in Speakers circle. As people gather around and get ready to watch the fire burn, they are about to hand out free pizza. We are looking forward to quite a show!
The Annual Fire Factor is set to begin in 25 minutes. There is already a crowd waiting to see the show
Firefighters about to set a mock dorm room on fire. Water hose from a firetruck ready to go in case fire doesn't burn itself out.

9th street closed

The part of ninth street that goes through campus is closed

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Inside of a firetruck

Deep undercover journalistic action resulted in gaining those pictures

What brings college students to speaker's circle? Free pizza and watching a the fire department put out a fire seems to be a good reason.
Fire Factor event about to start here at Speaker's Circle on the University of Missouri campus.

Getting ready for a fire

Our very own Schuyler checking out the fire fighters challenge before its open....a mobile at mizzou exclusive

Holding Out for a Hero

It's not very often I can say I am eagerly awaiting a room to catch on fire. But in this case I am. The class and I are in Speaker's Circle, surrounded by students and firetrucks. I'm ready to see this sample dorm to catch on fire and then watch the firemen go to work. More details to come as the action gets underway.
MU students help fire department combat mock fire. Pictures to follow.
The Fire Factor at MU Speaker's Circle will start at 11:50 AM today. Already attracted almost 50 people waiting here.

Fire at speakers circle...not yet

The fire  will be ignited soon. Here is the scene.

Free pizza AND watching a room burn down? What can't you do at Mizzou?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Test Post

Emerging J-Technologies Test post number 1.