Saturday, April 16, 2011

Journalism on Facebook

Recently talked about the creation of “Journalists on Facebook”, a page with the famous social network aims to promote its use by journalists and media. We noted then that, today, the media seems more interested enTwitter, and perhaps with this initiative intends to occupy the site Facebook were predominantly occupied by the network of microblogging. 
A CNN article abounds in this argument, coming to talk about “envy” and recalling the attempted purchase of the microblogging network by Facebook last fall. 
The same article reports one of the steps more clearly show the firm commitment of Facebook to win over the media, hiring a “Journalist Program Manager.” That is, a person directly responsible for directing the recruitment efforts of journalists and media that have “Journalists on Facebook” as a flag. 
Lavrusik Vadim was the person chosen to fill the post. 
Until now community manager deMashable-occupation that already appears as something happened in your Twitter profile, “Facebook executives would have noticed him, according to the CNN article-by in his blog posts devoted to the practical applications of 
network for journalism. 
Among its functions, Lavrusik must convince journalists of the benefits of the network as a useful tool for work, but also change the mentality that Facebook has come so far in journalism. Already exists within a computer network dedicated to media relations, who will work with the new “Journalist Program Manager.”But as the Lavrusik recognized, have so far been more focused on business development initiatives. His new goal is to show that the network also has applications purely journalistic. 
Beyond this recruitment, the network bet for journalism shows off the Internet. 

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