Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lytro light field camera embedding

The light field camera captures all pixels in focus.  On a Web page, you click on a spot that then comes into focus as other areas go out of focus.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pride Parade Sparks Media Support

Photo: The parade ending in front of Tiger Plaza where the participants posed for pictures and continued their MIZ chants. 

At this years LGBTQ Pride Parade, students, organizations and locals alike rallied together to march around the MU campus. Led by the MU LGBTQ Resource Center the parade held strong through a dreary afternoon and cold weather. 
About a few dozen people actually participated in the parade, but many others showed an outpour of support via social media. Everything from tweets to instagrams were used to capture the event. Hashtags such as #mizzoupride and #onemizzou could be seen across twitter feeds all afternoon. Social media was even used to direct paraders in chants, as well as tell them all the info leading up to the parade itself. 

Photo: Instagram post of the participants

Photo: Tweet from the MSA twitter account about the event

Photo: Tweet of a posed picture after the parade

Photo: Free shirts were provided before the parade

Photo: A tweet by the MU LGBTQ Resource Center telling participants which chants to say.  

MU Organizations Rally Together for LGBTQ Pride

The outpouring of support via social media was strong and constant throughout the 2014 MU Pride Parade this year. Although I had seen the Missourian use it often, I had never personally used Storify to capture an event. Since most of my reporting was via tweeting and monitoring tweets, I decided this was the best way to cover the story. There is little "new" news with an event like this. These parades happen everywhere. BUT there are always fresh faces and conversations going on, and social media is a perfect way to explore that.

MU Pride parade Storify round-up

Struby Struble Leads 2014 Gay Pride March

Setting up for the gay pride march on April 30, LGBTQ Resource Center Coordinator Struby Struble passed out numerous homemade banners in preparation for the second to last Gay Pride Month event.

Struble has been directing and coordinating events for the group for two and a half years. She has coordinated 36 events this month with the final one, Lavendar Graduation, taking place Wednesday May 14.

While organizing the troops, Struble appeared stressed but maintained her enthusiasm throughout the preparation for the march. She is excited about the success each event has produced this month, especially the Identity Lunches, which took place April 3.
The lunches were a new addition to the agenda this year and generated a huge turnout. At the lunches, attendees learned about specific identities and issues within the LGBTQ community.

Once every had a sign and some took their seats on the golf cart, the group began its march throughout campus while cheering “MIZ-ZOU,” among others.

Festive spirits warm the atmosphere at Pride Parade

Dozens of students braved chilly winds on Wednesday to march across the University of Missouri’s campus as part of an annual event supporting LGBTQ rights that witnessed parades across the world.

Shouting, “Two-four-six-eight, equality in very state,” the enthusiastic crowd began marching at MU’s Brady Fountain and proceeded on a winding path across the campus.

The crowd, estimated at around 50-60, was smaller than the 200-300 that Struby Struble, coordinator of MU’s LGBTQ Resource Center, had said she hoped for. The parade was staged during colder than usual temperatures.

MU Pride Parade

On April 30, Mizzou held it's 3rd Anual MU Pride Parade to celebrate the LGBTQ community on campus. L.C. Chandler talked to Ally Kyle Gillespie about why he supports the cause.